Looking for new talents

Volta Medical brings together a team of top-talent dedicated to make a difference in the field of interventional cardiac electrophysiology.

Volta’s collaborators come from multiple countries and continents.

Our roots and headquarters are in Marseille in the South of France, on the Mediterranean Sea, a place with a unique atmosphere that fosters creativity. We also have a U.S. office in Providence, Rhode Island, at the heart of leadership and excellence.

At Volta, we are convinced that everyone of us may contribute to improving the lives of patients with cardiac arrhythmias, and we enjoy being part of a highly diverse and collaborative environment. This is what drives us to come to work every single day.

If you are inspired, feel free to reach out! We would love to review your application.

To inquire about US job openings please email us at:

Some people are currently offering fictitious jobs pretending to be employees of Volta Medical.
If you receive a job offer by email, please ensure that the domain name in the email address is @volta-medical.com. Any email received from @volta-medical.org or recruitmentlifeline24@gmail.com should be considered as an attempted scam hence, do not transfer any identity cards, SSN cards, driver's licenses or personal information and do not open any attached files which may contain trojans and viruses.
Please note that Volta Medical will never offer a job via a messaging service such as Signal or TamTam.
All Volta Medical job offers are displayed via Volta Medical's Linkedin page
https://fr.linkedin.com/company/volta-medical, www.volta-medical.eu or www.volta-medical.us.
Please follow the official recruitment process explained on our websites.

Volta Medical is currently doing its utmost to put an end to these practices.

In the US, if you would like to report fraud, you can use the US Federal Trade Commission Website:  
In France, reports can be made via the following website: