Volta is committed to compliance with applicable laws and regulations and strives to conduct itself according to the highest ethical standards and to abide by industry standards applicable to the healthcare industry. In this regard, Volta has adopted a business code of conduct and several procedures to meet the requirements of the laws and the industry standards that govern our business. In strict compliance with applicable regulation, we may compensate, pay, or award hospitality to healthcare professionals. We may also provide grants to organizations for research and/or educational purposes, or fund training in the field of healthcare. 

Questions about Volta’s compliance program can be sent by email to our compliance officer, JoannaDumont, at: 

Massachusetts Manufacturer Definition

105 CMR 970( 

Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Manufacturer Agent, a person who, while employed by or under contract with a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing company, engages in detailing, promotional activities or other marketing of prescription drugs, biologics, or medical devices in Massachusetts to any physician, hospital, nursing home, pharmacist, health benefits plan administrator, other health care practitioner or person authorized to prescribe, dispense or purchase prescription drugs, biologics or medical devices; provided, however, that "pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer agent" shall not include a licensed pharmacist, licensed physician or any other licensed health care practitioner with authority to prescribe prescription drugs, biologics or medical devices who is acting within the ordinary scope of the practice for which he or she is licensed, a wholesale drug distributor licensed under M.G.L. c. 112, § 36A, a representative of such a distributor who promotes or otherwise markets the services of the wholesale drug distributor in connection with a prescription drug or a retail pharmacy registered under M.G.L. c. 112, § 37 if such person is not engaging in such practices under contract with a manufacturing company.