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AI Companion Designed for the Assessment of Complex AF & AT during ablation procedures.1
Volta AF-Xplorer™
Mapping System
White dots correspond to tagged dispersion areas.
EP Recording System
Volta AF-Xplorer brings the acute and long-term outcomes of expert electrophysiologists inside the EP lab, by automatically detecting dispersed electrograms.
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Supports real-time decision-making with machine learning algorithms including deep learning algorithms.1

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Algorithms trained on a very large database of EGMs, annotated by expert electrophysiologists.1


Extended compatibility with most EP recording, 3D navigation systems and mapping catheters, which allows for a tailored and intuitive workflow.


Compatibility with the last generation of catheters.
Improved workflow thanks to the automatic tagging of regions harboring dispersion with EnSite X.

Simple User Interface for Real-Time Regions of Interest Identification.
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1. AUTOTAGGING: Allows for the automated tagging of regions of interest on the mapping system (only available with EnSite X).

2. DISPERSION INDICATOR: Multipolar electrogram abnormality associated with the perpetuation of atrial fibrillation. Red: highly dispersed electrograms. Orange: dispersed electrograms. Blue: non-dispersed electrograms

3. MAPPING CATHETER: Steerable, multipolar electrode catheter. Allows for the recording of the heart’s local electrical activity.
4. BOOSTER MODE: May be activated during AT or slow AF to increase software sensitivity.

5. REFERENCE CYCLE LENGTH: Atrial cycle length estimated from real-time recordings obtained with the coronary sinus catheter.

6. MAPPING CYCLE LENGTH: Local cycle length estimated from real-time recordings obtained with the mapping catheter
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