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Volta Medical has been named Best Startup at Prix Galien USA Awards 2023!

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Volta AF-Xplorer

AI Companion Technology designed for the assessment of complex AF and AT.1

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The Volta Data Collection & Enrichment Process.

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Volta Medical
  • Volta is a data-inspired, AI solutions EP company whose mission is to aid in the assessment of complex arrhythmia pathologies.
  • Volta has created the VoltaPlex data collection and enrichment ecosystem for curated EP lab data.
  • This data is fed into a physician validated, machine learning methodology to support EP solutions.
  • This framework has resulted in Volta’s Companion AI technology: Volta AF-Xplorer™.
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Transforming EP Data into AI Solutions
Why AI Can Help
  • Determining the right ablation approach for persistent AF is complex.
  • Clinical success rates in persistent AF reported in landmark studies is only approximately 50%.1
  • Visual electrogram-based ablation success relies on operators’ interpretation and requires experience and training.
Artificial Intelligence can match the expertise of multi-year-trained electrophysiologists to analyze in real time intracardiac atrial electrograms, and identify areas of interest, potentially involved in the arrhythmia mechanism.
"As a result of AI, healthcare would become more personalized, more democratic, more efficient, and more effective in ensuring society’s well-being.”4
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