Marseille (france), november 2, 2023

Volta Medical Named Best Startup at Prix Galien USA Awards 2023

Widely considered the industry’s highest accolade for life sciences research and development, the Prix Galien Awards honor innovative treatments and technologies that improve human health.

Volta Medical, a pioneering health technology company developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist electrophysiologist physicians in treating complex cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF), today announced it has won the prestigious Prix Galien Award for Best Startup. The Galien Foundation, the premier global institution dedicated to honoring innovators in life sciences, fosters, recognizes, and rewards excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human health.

“This recognition by Prix Galien is a testament to Volta’s commitment to providing personalized and effective AI solutions to improve clinical outcomes for patients suffering from AF. This would not have been possible without the incredible team at Volta and clinicians who trailblazed a path that resulted in Volta’s AF-Xplorer. ” said Theophile Mohr-Durdez, Volta Medical CEO and co-founder. “AF is the most common heart rhythm disturbance in adults. Our vision is to significantly improve cardiac arrythmia treatment by using AI.”

The Prix Galien Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the development of new technologies in the life sciences industry. An internationally recognized award, the Prix Galien was founded in France in 1969 by French pharmacist, Roland Mehl, and the 2007 ceremony was the Prix Galien's inaugural event in the United States. The Prix Galien, often considered the industry's equivalent of the Nobel Prize, is the highest accolade for life sciences research and development.

"We are delighted to extend the Prix Galien legacy to another distinguished cohort of winners who have demonstrated the unparalleled skill, innovation, and dedication required across the life sciences industry," said Bruno Cohen, Chairman of The Galien Foundation. "Our Awards Committee, Prix Galien Alumni, and all members of The Galien Foundation extend our gratitude to each winner and nominee, and we look forward to witnessing their impact on the future of global healthcare."

Volta Medical has launched the first commercially available AI decision-support software that has the capability to assist electrophysiologists in real-time during AF catheter-ablation procedures. It’s AF-Xplorer identifies and annotates unique abnormalities (dispersed electrograms) on 3D anatomical and electrical maps of the heart. This AI companion technology ultimately may lead to optimized catheter-ablation procedures for complex arrhythmias, including persistent AF.  The company has also embarked on an ambitious clinical evidence program, including a European and US multicenter randomized controlled trial called TAILORED-AF. This trial compares the Volta AI companion technology with the standard of care for persistent AF patients, results are expected in 2024.

About Volta Medical

Volta Medical is a health technology company developing artificial intelligence software solutions to assist cardiac electrophysiologists during arrhythmia treatment procedures to improve clinical outcomes for patients. Founded by three physicians and a data scientist in 2016 in Marseille, Volta’s overarching goal is to improve cardiac arrhythmia management by developing state-of-the-art, data-driven medical devices trained on large databases of procedural data with the highest standards of data protection. The company’s first product, VX1, is a digital AI companion device and algorithm to assist cardiac electrophysiologists with real-time identification of specific abnormal electrograms (EGMs), known as dispersed EGMs. Its second software iteration, Volta AF-Xplorer is now cleared for use in the US and is pending CE-mark for use in the EU.

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